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Sure, Malia Obama is taking a gap year. Maybe that’s even what led you to this page. But what you’re really looking for are books about the gap year that help you to answer if a gap year is right for your son or daughter.

Andrea Wien’s gap year guide book is here to help. In it, Andrea tackles all the issues parents are left wondering about when considering a gap year for their student: is it safe, how do I choose a program, what should we tell college admissions?

And of course, the scariest one for many: will my son or daughter go back to school after taking time off?

You can keep searching and wondering, or you can buy the best gap year book on the market and get some clarity on whether this step is the right move.

A gap year isn’t for everyone, and every book about the gap year isn’t for all, but this is one that hits the right marks and will leave you feeling confident and secure in your decision.

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