Changing the World, Bridge Years and Global Citizens with Abby Falik

"There's often a heavier emphasis on the 'feel good' than the 'real good'."

Abby Falik is the founder of Global Citizen Year, a company with lofty goals to build the next generation of global leaders through their innovative bridge year program. Abby says she’s had the idea for Global Citizen Year since high school, but she’s still taken plenty of twists and turns in her journey.

Abby is a Stanford undergrad with an MBA from Harvard Business School - something we talk about in the show. Her work with Global Citizen Year has also been featured in publications including Fast Company, NPR, Forbes and the NY Times.

In this chat, we talk about why you should go slow to go fast, how to implement the teachings of Global Citizen Year if you’re out of high school or college, and the future of education through Abby’s eyes.

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Show notes [times are approximate]:

What is Global Citizen Year? [3.42]
Trying to join the peace corps [5.30]
Visiting Nicaragua [7.28]
Getting an MBA [9.13]
Malia Obama's decision to take a bridge year [11.56]
Gap year versus bridge year [13.21]
Avoiding volun-tourism [15.57]
Staying motivated [20.14]
Growing up to be an entrepreneur [22.20]
Past failures [23.09]
Abby's advice to her younger self [25.23]
Teaching intuition [30.11]
Quantifying success [30.57]
Working with colleges [32.38]
Reacting too quickly [39.24]

Connect with Abby:
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